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Tripomate.com Terms and Conditions

www.Tripomate.com website(other domain extensions such as .co.nz, .ca, .uk, .in) (Our ‘Site’) is an internet based travel portal owned and operated by Airstack Inc. (TRIPOMATE) a Company incorporated under the laws of New Zealand. Please read these Terms of Service (the "Terms") carefully because they govern your use of our Site and our services accessible via our Site or our call centres. To make these Terms easier to read, the Site and our services are collectively called the "Services".

Tripomate.com is a registered seller of travel in NZ, US, IND.

Tripomate’s Website assists our users in browsing travel information and selecting the available travel products and services. It also supports users to book flight tickets, hotels, train tickets, car rentals and attraction/Activities tickets (“Travel Products”) provided by our third party suppliers (“Suppliers”). Depending on what country users book from, Travel Products may also include ferry and bus tickets, tours, cruises and trips. Our customers support is available for all range of products purchased from all of our websites, customer support is available only in English and few other local languages and dialects

When you purchases a Travel Product, the purchased booking is also subject to the corresponding Supplier’s terms and conditions (for e.g., the airline’s or the hotel’s terms and conditions). It is essential that you stay updated with these terms and conditions as they form a separate legal agreement between the user and the Supplier. More information on each of the Travel Product is listed in the below sections. If there are any discrepancies between the supplier’s terms and conditions and these terms, the below terms apply.

Each travel product has related terms and conditions which are different ( such as Cancelation, Refund and Change Terms), these would be highlighted to the users in booking confirmation email or during the booking process, Users should read them carefully. These terms also inform the users the rules for using Tripomate’s website including content that is uploaded to our website or when users interact with our website in anyway.

Users, interacting with our website and/or competing a purchase (booking) with us, Confirm that they accept these terms and Conditions and any of our Supplier’s Terms and Conditions, and that the user will comply with them. If the user does not understand any of the terms and conditions , please contact our customer support using the details on help Page on our website. If user does not agree with the terms and Conditions then they should use our Website or Complete a Booking with Tripomate. You authorise that you have the capability to enter into legally binding contract ( Including that you are at least the required age in your country) and that you have used our website to only make a legitimate reservation.

If the user has made a reservation for booking travel products for multiple individuals then the Booking person will be responsible for (1) Providing accurate details of the other Individuals, (2) Accepting Tripomate’s Terms and Conditions on their behalf and their compliance, (3) Confirming and verifying the details of other individuals and for contacting us in case they are incorrect , and (4)Completing the purchase of the full booking and any additional charges (if any) for the booking. Tripomate may make changes to these terms and conditions over a period of time. The amended terms and conditions come into effect the date they are posted on this page with Date notification on top. Every time a user makes use of Tripomate’s website and/or is purchasing a booking with Tripomate, user should ensure to check the terms and conditions that apply at the time of booking purchase. -Any reference to Tripomate’s website are deemed to include derivatives all inclusive, but not limited to linking websites and apps, regardless to access via Mobile Phone or any other device.

Tripomate’s websites, apps changes are made occasionally.

Tripomate’s websites may be updated and changed from time to time reflective of our services as per our User’s needs and preferences. We try to notify our users of any major changes reasonably. Tripomate’s website may be Suspended or Withdrawn

Tripomate’s website is available for free to our users.

Tripomate’s website does not guarantee that it will always be available and can be interrupted upon times. We may withdraw or suspend the availability of parts of the website or totally for both Business as well as Operational conditions. Users shall be informed of any suspension or withdrawal of the website.

The availability and functionality of our website is dependent on the internet and access devices. You completely understand and in agreement of the fact that Tripomate will not held liable for any Loss suffered by you due to Website not being available for reasons such as failure events, circumstances or causes beyond our Control including internet failure but not limited to internet, system/ device failure, hacker attacks and other digital threats.

The user, You are responsible for maintaining the necessary equipment ( not limited to device and internet connection) and also ensuring that all users who access our Website through your device and internet are well aware of these terms and conditions and other applicable conditions and agree to them.


You (user) mandate that any and all account related information provided by you is factually true and complete.

You, user if provided with an OTP(one time password), authentication code, password of any information part of the security , must treat such information as Confidential and must not Disclose to any Third Party. You fully comprehend that Tripomate will not be liable for any loss suffered by user as a result of failure to maintain this information as Confidential.

Tripomate reserves the right to disable or change any authentication code or password allocated by us if we find that you have failed to comply with any of the these terms.

If you, user should suspect or know that user’s authentication code or password has been compromised in any manner, user must Notify Tripomate using the details provided on contact us or help section. If any financial information has been stored by the user they would also need to contact the payment provider or bank in order to stop or reduce any losses rising out of this situation.


We Tripomate is the owner of business names and domain names, trade marks, patents, copyright, software rights, design rights and all intellectual property associated with our Website, whether registered or unregistered anywhere. Tripomate reserves all rights associated.

You, user may print copies or download only relevant parts of the website for only personal use and may present to others without drawing attention to our content posted on Tripomate’s website.

You, user must not attempt to modify any paper or digital copies of the content or any material that has been printed or downloaded and must not modify or use any graphics, video or audio content in addition, separately to Tripomate’s websites content.

Any all content from Tripomate or any of the affiliates or contributors should always be referenced or credited in all domains of use by the User.

You, user cannot use any content or any part of content on Tripomate’s website for commercial use without permissions or license from our contributors.

If you, user, in breach of these terms shall print, copy or download any part or parts of Tripomate Website, your right to use Tripomate website will cease and you must, as per our choice, return or destroy the materials.


Tripomate website contains link to other websites or third party websites and resources, these links are only informational from our end for our users. These websites should not be considered as referral or approved links /information by Tripomate. User discretion is warranted. Tripomate does not control the content or verify its authenticity of sites, links or resources.

User-Generated Content Not Approved by Tripomate

Tripomate does not verify or approve the user generated content and material that is uploaded by users to the Tripomate Website including not limited to discussion forums, images and videos review services, etc. The views reflected over the website by users do not represent our values or options in any way. Tripomate is not liable for any loss or damage due to user interaction with our user generated content section of the Tripomate’s Website.

If any complaints regarding the content or information uploaded by users to Tripomate’s website, kindly forward them to our customer support or Help section details.


Users can only use Tripomate website for intended use only abiding by laws in purpose. The following activities and usage is not permitted:

Intended use by user’s violates national or international laws and regulations.

  • Unlawful our fraudulent use.

Usage that is intended to harm or attempt to harm Minors in anyway.

Uploading content, or downloading and using content that violates our content rules below.

To spam, advertise or promote any unauthorised material to other users.

To attempt to break the code, or to upload any files or content that interfere with Tripomate’s functioning normal such a Viruses, Malware, Spyware, tracing or Tracking code, adware or any other software hardware code designed to interfere with Tripomate's Operations and database. User’s also agree with :

  • Not to duplicate or re-sell any section of the website in violation of the terms.
  • No to access, change or disrupt without authorisation any: any and all parts of the Website;
    any network, database or equipment on which our Website is stored and operates on;
    Any third party tools or software used by the website; or
    Any network equipment software owned used by any third party;
  • Not to interfere with normal operation of the Website or any of the website activity.•
  • Not it initiate any activity that would increase unreasonably large data load on Website.

The content Terms are applicable to all and any content material which users contribute to our Website.

Users should comply with the contact terms in spirit and to the letter. The content terms are applicable to any content in parts and whole.Tripomate reserves the right to determine, if any and all Content is in breach with our Content Terms.

Every Content must :

  • Be relevant to the users own travel (Flight journey, Hotels, Alternative accommodations, Travel Experiences, etc)
  • Be correct and accurate in terms of facts.
  • ⦁ Be in compliance with local laws applicable in the country from which the content is contributed or posted.

Every content must not :

  • Be defamatory of any person. Be offensive or Defamatory towards any person.
  • Be obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory. Be hateful, Inflammatory or obscene in nature.
  • Content Material promoting sex explicitly.
  • Content material promoting violence towards any and all beings.
  • Content materialthat discriminates on basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and disability or age.
  • Be infringing upon database rights, any copyright, trade mark or any intellectual property of other persons or entities.
  • Deceitful in nature to any person or entity.
  • In breach of contractual or confidential duties to any legal or third party.
  • Violate any rights of Minors or Children.
  • Promote any illegal activity.
  • Content be contempt ful of laws and courts.
  • Be content of nature that Invades privacy of others, threatening in nature or cause abuse of any type to others.
  • Be alarming to others or cause harassment in nature
  • Be of nature that misrepresents or impersonates any individual or entity.
  • Promote or activate, advocate any individual or entity to commit any unlawful criminal act including misuse of content or Copyright infringement.
  • Contain any promotional material or Advertising material for any service or web links to other sites.
  • Endanger national security or leak state secrets.

Tripomate reserves the right to determine which content contributions are published and is under no obligation to promote or publish the content/reviews uploaded to our site.


Users may connect or share links to our marketing webpages or home page considering it does not negatively impact Tripomate’s reputation or any unfair advantage is taken of Tripomate’s brand. Any connection or linkage to Tripomate’s website should be within the confines of law and should be fair towards the brand.
You must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on our part where none exists.

You must not establish a link to our Website in any website that is not owned by you. Users should not share or connect Tripomate website with any other website that is not operated or owned by Tripomate.

User cannot connect any links to any other part of the Tripomate website apart from marketing pages or home page.
Tripomate reserves the right to remove or prohibit any connection or sharing or linking without any notice.


During the the process of booking, the user will confirm that details provided or uploaded in to the website such as Name, Identification details, contact details , dates and payment details are accurate, valid and complete. In case the user realises that any of the details provided by them are incorrect, Tripomate will help and try to change the details of booking, if the user informs Tripomate within 24 hours of payment or before the Travel booking is confirmed post payment. ( ticketing time) However Tripomate does not guarantee that such changes will be permitted by the Suppliers specifically in cases supplier could charge an amount for allowing those changes to the booking.

We advertise Tripomate advertises and sells a large number of Travel products and mostly ensure that al prices listed by us are accurate and valid, since most travel products are Dynamic in nature i.e the price and category keeps changing in real time, errors can occur on occasions. If errors or mistake pricing is apparently available to the User, Tripomate reserves the Right to Cancel the booking or if agreed by the user, change the price of the booking. In such a case Tripomate shall contact and inform the customer.


Once the flight booking journey is complete the User will receive “ Booking Confirmed “ email on the provided contact email address. The user agrees to check the details for the flight booking are correct and valid in case the user finds any of the details to be incorrect, the user should inform the Tripomate customer support immediately. More information on flight and hotel booking confirmations is in the relevant sections below.

Tripomate will assign a Order reference number to each Successful confirmed booking order. This number helps Tripomate customer support to provide customer support services regarding the booking made by the user. When interacting with Tripomate customer support, user :

  • Will not provide incorrect or invalid payment proof, or bank account or card details, that is not in User’s name or user is not authorised to use
  • User will not misrepresent identity details or impersonate any person.
  • User will not in be violation of any laws and regulations of any country.

All Travel products are dynamic in nature and are subject to availability at the time booking is made. Tripomate ensures that our websites are update constantly to provide accurate and correct details, however there may be instances when travel products may not be available or not in connection in real time with accurate information. Hence Tripomate does not guarantee that all bookings can be confirmed at the time of Booking process or after the booking is completed and payments completed. Tripomate will inform the user as soon as possible , if travel product purchased/booked by the user is not available. In some cases a service fee may be charged and the remaining amount shall be reversed to the user, if the user shall demand cancelation or reversal of the booking.


The terms of payment for each Travel product is unique to the corresponding Suppliers terms and conditions, these terms will be made clear to the user either at the time of booking or via emails that may follow after the booking is confirmed. Some travel products require the payment to be prepaid before using the product, some may require at the time of using the product ( like hotel bookings at the time of hotel checkin). Incase a payment is not paid in full or extra charges that may apply later at the time of using the product, the user does not accept to pay, the booking may be cancelled immediately.

International payments where currency exchange rates are applicable , have real time change and calculations involved. In case of prepaid payments , user shall pay the amount reflected on the website payment page plus any exchange rates fluctuations or fees involved. The user should note that in case of international payments or where the currency is different from the user’s bank account or payment providers currency, may charge a fee for currency conversion and payment authorisation. User should also take note of the fact that payment exchange rates might change between the date/time of booking and the date/time of using (e.g in case of Hotel booking and Hotel Check-in) and making payment. In case the user encounters a problem with the payment processing at payment page, the user should retry after sometime. In case of immediate retry , the user may be charged twice. Each payment processed has applicable rules to it, payment reversal may involve deductions on account of fee and service charge and a possible exchange rate fluctuations may occur. The user should contact Tripomate customer support using the contact us page and details mentioned for customer support. Refunds are processed back to the original mode of payment, used by the user at the time of booking. Refunds may reflect in the bank account or original mode of payment depending upon the payment provider or bank that user holds. Exact date and time can only be confirmed by the bank or the payment method provider.

Tripomate has a secure and protected mechanism to protect payment informations and to ensure the details of the payments are secure at all times.


User should ensure the they have valid travel documents and identification documents including valid insurance for the travel journey. Documents such as passport/Identification documents, visa and medical insurance and documents such as vaccination certificates should be confirmed by the user before travel.

Tripomate does not confirm that user can travel to any destination without risks by advertising travel products. User are responsible to check and confirm their validity and entry to destination before booking and traveling to them. Users should ensure vaccination certificates if mandated by the authorises of desired destination booked by the user.


Tripomate provides each successful confirmed booking a order reference number. This number and the contact email provided by the user at the time of booking automatically makes the user a client/customer member of our systems. More information can be found by the user by logging into the system using modify booking section of the website.


As mentioned above in the “About Terms and Conditions” section, your (user’s) Flight booking is also subject to the our Supplier’s or Airlines terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can be generally found on the Airline’s websites or support platforms. If there are inconsistencies between Tripomate’s and Airline’s terms and conditions, for. Eg: If the user has booked a Cheaper fare flight ticket which does not allow ticket to be changed or refunded, then Tripomate’s terms and conditions will apply. If the users have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of the flight ticket booked, the user can contact us directly using the Contact Us page on the website or Contact us details mentioned in Section 1, which are part of our Customer Support services.


After the Payment is confirmed, users will receive the a “Payment Successful” email from Tripomate. Users agree to check and verify the details in the email and should immediately inform the Tripomate Support or sales if any of the details re found to be incorrect. Tripomate shall within reasonable time frame issue the flights tickets based issuance service selected by the user during the process of booking and as set out in the “Payment Successful” email. In case the user does not receive the flight tickets within the Time Frame , kindly contact tripomate customer support.

Once the flight tickets are confirmed the user shall receive the “Flight Booking Confirmed” email from Tripomate which will also include the detailed flight travel itinerary. Ticket issuance can depend upon the type of Flight booked , cheaper fares can sometime take time to issue tickets, but it will be issued within 72 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. When user books a flight within 3 days of departure date, the tickets shall be issued within 72 hours before departure. I During the booking process the ticketing time limit is highlighted as well.

For all web checkin for the flight booked, the user will have ticket in E-Ticket format.

Tripomate will provide a booking order reference number in the “Payment Successful” email to each user. This order number should be used when the user connects with Tripomate customer support for us to identify and resolve the queries. The “Flight Booking Confirmed” email will contain the Airline reference number or booking reference number. In case the user does not find airline reference of booking number on the Flight Booking Confirmed email, kindly contact Tripomate using Contact us page details.


The “Flight Booking Confirmed” email should highlight the change or cancelation related charges (along with any additional fees) and the same information is also provided to the user during the flight booking process. User may have selected a flight ticket that cannot be changed or canceled and refunded later. Such information is part of these terms and conditions and user should read carefully before confirming the purchase of the flight booking. Same information can also be checked and confirmed in the Flight Booking confirmed email and also flight details section, later by logging into the Modify the booking section of the Tripomate website. User can also check the change and cancelation details or refund status by contacting Tripomate customer support from Contact us details section of the website.

Every successful payment and confirmed booking contains the order reference number and the each user can log in to the modify booking section and using the phone contact number, email address provided during the booking process and order number can view the booking details. The user can then make alterations to the booking to change either complete booking or parts of it, cancel and check for refund status, if permitted as per flight booking ticket rules on the Tripomate website.

If the confirmed flight booking rules allow for changes, the options for changes might be limited to by the Airline or our 3rd party flight tickets suppliers, and hence all options on Tripomate’s website or visible on any other website may not be available to the user. The user can ask for the information on available options during the process of flight change request at Tripomate’s website or when contacting with Tripomate’s customer support.

In case the flight ticket booking is changed or cancelled by the Airline themselves, then only Airline’s terms and conditions will apply. The user should contact us directly using details on Contact us page and Tripomate will accommodate the user’s request.


Essential details in flight ticket that is provided by Tripomate:

  • Check-in and boarding times;
  • Seat selection: selected seat (either by user preference or automatically assigned by default);
  • baggage allowances and restrictions; Baggage limits and meals (by airline default) and
  • whether it is possible to book infant/child tickets online, Infant/Child tickets booking rights as is applicable on the users flight ticket during the flight ticket booking process , users should also check corresponding Airline’s website for this information also.
  • For information on Further the users should check information regarding:

  • Compatibility of each and all passengers for the flight such as elderly or handicap assistance, infant or pregnant passengers.;
  • Permitted items or prohibited items for carry or check in baggages.
  • Meal preferences or any other services related to flight travel prior to the journey departure date.

Users should reconfirm the details using the Airline’s website for such details as they may have different policies/ rules before travel.

For special requests such as meals or add on services , the users can contact Tripomate customer support and ask for the additional services for their flight booking. For any queries regarding infant booking or child tickets kindly contact Tripomate customer support. User’s need to ensure sufficient time for check-in, passport verifications and security checks at the dedicated Airport terminals.

Users should check and ensure they have required travel documents for their trip such as passport/ ID documents and Visas (if applicable) before leaving for their journey. Users should ensure that they follow the travel itinerary as it is set in sequence, else the Airline’s may reserve the right to prevent the user to board or check-in for other segments of travel itinerary. Users should reconfirm at the Airline’s site for details regarding the rules and policies of each individual Airline.


As highlighted under “About these terms”, your booking is also subject to the relevant Supplier’s (in this case the hotel you are staying in) terms. These can generally be found on the hotel’s own website. If there are any inconsistencies between these terms and the hotel’s terms and conditions, for e.g. where you have selected a cheaper room that cannot be changed or refunded, these terms will apply. If you have any questions on the terms and conditions that apply to your hotel booking, you can contact us directly (using the details in section 1 of these terms) as part of our customer support services.


We shall use reasonable options to issue your hotel booking confirmation within the time frame we notified you of during your booking process. If your hotel booking confirmation is not issued within this time frame, please contact us using the details in section 1 of these terms. For many of our rooms, confirmation is instant. As soon as your booking is confirmed, we will email you to notify you of this and from this point onwards, your room is guaranteed. If we are unable to confirm your booking, we will provide you with a full refund.

If, after your hotel booking has been confirmed, you contact the hotel directly and they cannot locate your booking, please do not worry. Your booking is still guaranteed; the hotel may not have your personal information until closer to the booking date. If you have any concerns, please contact us using the details in section 1 of these terms.


We will have provided you with information on your rights to change or cancel your hotel booking (and any associated fees) during your booking process; you may have selected a cheaper room that cannot be changed or refunded. This information forms part of these terms and should be read carefully before finalising your booking. If you are unsure whether your hotel booking permits changes and/or refunds for cancellation, please contact us using the details in section 1 of these terms.

When your hotel booking permits changes, the hotel and/or rooms that you can change to may be limited by the hotel or the third party hotel inventory supplier, and so all of the options on our Website and/or alternative rooms at that hotel may not be available to you. We will provide you with information on the available options when we receive your request to change your hotel booking.

If your booking is changed or cancelled by the relevant hotel, generally that hotel’s terms and conditions will apply. Please contact us directly (using the details in section 1 of these terms) and we will help as part of our customer support services.


Our guest ratings are based on verified reviews from users. Our star ratings are based on a combination of information, such as ratings provided directly by the hotels (including, where applicable, their star rating based on the standards in the country they are based), amenities, photos, guest reviews and price. This is to give you the best indication of the standard of the hotel. However, you acknowledge and agree that the star rating is an indication only, standards vary between countries and you are responsible for reviewing all of the information provided on the hotel on our Website, to ensure that you are happy with the standard of the hotel before booking.


All Rail bookings are also subject to the corresponding Supplier’ terms (especially Rail Operators). These terms and conditions are also provided to the user during the booking process and in Booking confirmation emails. User’s can also access Rail operators terms for the respective countries themselves. Some of them can be accessed at below mentioned links:


User’s should check the Rail Operator’s terms for information on Change/ Cancelation or modification of the rail rickets.

In most cases the cancelled or changed booking, relevant corresponding Rail operator’s terms and condition would be applicable. User’s can reach out to Tripomate customer service in case of any issues or confusion regarding the Supplier’s terms and conditions.


User’s should ensure that they have sufficient time between the change of Trains during the Travel. Tripomate may highlight the time of Train Change during the user’s journey and may provide this information at the time of booking. But user’s should ensure that the time between change of trains is sufficient and fits the user’s needs.


As User’s who purchase other travel products such as Car Hire, Airport transfers , Activities, Attractions, etc should check for Supplier’s terms and conditions before and after booking such products at TRIPOMATE. Every respective supplier would have terms and conditions listed on their Website or user can ask for these terms by directly contacting the Supplier. Tripomate may highlight these terms during the process or booking such products or offline over booking confirmation email and Tripomate customer support messages.


In most cases the cancelled or changed booking, relevant corresponding Supplier terms and condition would be applicable. User’s can reach out to Tripomate customer service in case of any issues or confusion regarding the Supplier’s terms and conditions.

In case the booking is cancelled by the Supplier, then that Supplier’s terms and conditions will apply.

We Tripomate will use the personal information of the User as per p[olicies mentioned in the Privacy policy guidelines. Tripomate takes a lot of steps to ensure no unintended use of Personal information takes place and complies with all globally accepted norms for privacy protection.


Most of the information that Tripomate provides on its website has been provided by the our corresponding Suppliers and/or reviews and other data has been uploaded or supplied by other Users of the various other travel products. Tripomate will ensure that the information available on the website is accurate, factually correct and complete for our users. However as permitted to the extent of the law, tripomate shall not be Liable for any Damage or Loss incurred by the user as a result of incomplete, inaccurate or misrepresented information.

Tripomate will not represent or warrant any conditions with regard to the information which is provided to the user on Tripomate website and such inclusion or representation are excluded, barring any exclusion prohibited by Law.

Tripomate shall not be Liable for any Damage or loss incurred by the user as a result of:

  • Incorrect details such as Name, Contact details, Identification Documents, Nationality, Payment details, Dates for Traveller and Identification documents, Other dates, during the process of Booking the travel product by the user.
  • Damage or loss is Not limited to as a result of : Tripomate Customer support not being able to connect with the user about important information regarding the booking, if the user has provided Incorrect or false Contact details.
  • User is not able to use any Travel product (Hotel or Flight Check-in, Car hire or any activities or attractions booking) due to Incorrect Identification details provided during the process of booking or the identification documents do not match with the ID provided during the booking process.
  • User’s failure to produce valid Passport, Visa, or Vaccination Certificate or proof, that might be essential for travel.
  • User’s failure to insure the trip or travel plan or itinerary is mandated.
  • User is unable to use any travel product( Hotel or Flight Check-in , Flight boarding, Airport transfers, Car hire or Activities or attractions booking) because of :
  • User’s inability or failure in compliance of Supplier’s terms and Conditions.
  • User’s failure to arrive on time or to meet Check-in time limits, Flight Boarding, security checks, Customs or Passport checks (if any)
  • User is deemed Unfit or behaviour Unacceptable by the corresponding Supplier.
  • ⦁ When a travel itinerary mandates a Flight transfer, Airport change, Train, Bus or multi-modal journey and the User is unable to make it or complete the previous journey due to User’s action or any other reasons.
  • User’s mode of payment is invalid for use for the next selected Journey or part of itinerary.
  • In case of bookings, including Duplicate itinerary or bookings made by User either intentionally or in
  • ⦁ Banks or Card Providers or Payment providers (Banks, Merchants, or 3rd party finance companies) fees being charged for international transactions, exchange rates charged by the Payment method provider or due to exchange rate fluctuations between the Date/Time of Booking and Date/Time of Payment processing.
  • Due to direct communication between the User and the corresponding supplier.
  • Payment information is inaccurate, incorrect or invalid provided by the user.
  • Accessing or using interactive sections of Tripomate’s website in violation of our Content rules as notified in these Terms and Conditions.
  • User traveling to locations which are prohibited or restricted by administration or authorities at Departure or Arrival
  • Force Majeure events or events out of Tripomate Agency control:

Natural disasters or Acts of God, Earthquakes, Floods, Droughts, etc.

Pandemics, Epidemics or Public Health related Emergencies.

Such events as Conflicts, Man made emergencies or disasters, Wars, Riots, Threat of wars, Travel or any other Sanctions, Diplomatic failures or Embargoes.

Chemical, Biological or Nuclear Threats or Spread.

Lawful actions or Legal, Penal actions taken by the Government or Public authorities or administrations

Internet or Digital threats or Attacks, Instability due to hardware or software systems either global or local

User’s should take note that Tripomate provides website services for Domestic, International, Private use only. User agrees to not use Tripomate website for any Business or Commercial use and we have no Liability for any loss, damage or Profit of Business, or loss of Business or Business Opportunity .


User is responsible for any loss incurred by Tripomate as a result of actions by user on our Website or booking services which are not in accordance with these terms and conditions:

  • In case of violations or Failure to comply with these terms and conditions, Tripomate may take following action in whole or part:
  • Temporary or Permanent withdrawal of use of Tripomate’s website and Booking or customer Services.
  • Temporary or permanent removal of user generated content or reviews uploaded to our Website.
  • Issuance of warnings, notices to User.
  • Legal actions against User for recovery or reimbursement of all costs(administrative and legal costs) due to breach of trust or these terms and conditions.
  • Further Legal action against the User.
  • Disclosure of any such information to administrative authorities or law enforcement

    authorities as Tripomate finds it reasonable or suitable.

If the users have any questions or complaints about Tripomate’s Website or Booking services , kindly contact us using the details provided in the Contact Us section and section of these terms.

Disputes and Claims arising out of these terms or otherwise including any Contractual or non-contractual disputes, shall be governed by the laws of New Zealand and formation and subject matter shall be in accordance of laws of New Zealand, not depriving the user of mandatory Consumer rights of which the user is a Citizen of.

Tripomate and User both agree that the Courts of New Zealand will have complete jurisdiction over any claims and disputes, including Contractual and non Contractual claims, arising out of or in relation with Tripomate’s terms and conditions, not depriving the user of consumer rights within the country of their citizenship.

If these terms are translated into any other language, then the English version shall prevail if any inconsistencies are found in between the versions.

These terms and conditions are between the user and us. No third party or any other user have any rights to enforce the above terms.

If any authority or judicial court finds a part of these terms are not applicable or illegal , the remaining terms and conditions will continue to be applicable in full effect.

If we enforce these terms in delay, Tripomate can take steps against the user at a later date.

The services and content are provided "As is", without warranty of any kind. Without limiting the foregoing, we explicitly disclaim any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, quiet enjoyment or non-infringement, and any warranties arising out of course of performance, course of dealing or usage of trade. We make no warranty regarding the quality, accuracy, timeliness, truthfulness, completeness or reliability of any content. We make no warranty and expressly disclaim any obligation that the quality of any travel products, information or other material obtained by you through the services will meet your expectation. We make no warranty that the services will meet your requirements or be available on an uninterrupted, secured, or error-free basis.

Hotel ratings displayed on the Services are intended to be used as only general guidelines, and Tripomate.com and our partners do not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings. Tripomate.com, our partners and Suppliers make no guarantees about the availability of specific Travel Products.

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Tripomate is an on-demand travel agency that delivers personalised travel booking for all travel needs including flights, hotels and car rentals.

We’re a team of dedicated, experienced Travel professionals that are on a mission to make it simple and convenient for travellers to find and reserve cheapest and fastest option for domestic and international flights and hotels around the globe.

Tripomate.com is one of the most innovative travel inventory providers with 24*7 personalised travel concierge service, assisting our users throughout their travel journey. We are always happy to serve our customers and always there when our customers needs us.

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Finding flights from USA to anywhere in the world, is made easy and simple, using our innovative flight search, customised deals and attractive content.

To be able to give best and cheapest possible travel deals to our users, we’ve partnered with all major airlines and travel providers from USA and the world.

Our travel experts and agents understand the expectations of our users and then help them book their flight tickets and explore the world on a budget.

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Tripomate provides trusted advice and best selection of flights and travel deals to millions of Amercian travellers. Available 24* 7, our on demand travel concierge service makes our users rely on us for all travel needs thorught their journey.

Enabling travellers with useful tips and destination information, we inspire them to build great travel stories.

Our team combines experience with local knowledge to deliver amazing travel moments for americans. We understand USA and along with our partners across the globe we strive to deliver a complete experience to make the journey of our users truly memorable.