North America

The travellers visiting North America have a huge range of destinations to choose between.From the colourful Mexico effortlessly blending the old and new with its Mayan ruins and the thriving modern cities to Costa Rica, a prime ecotourism destination.

It is a land of glorious contrasts from the imposing Manhattan skyline and the colonial architectural gems of Cuba to the rich green rainforests of Panama.USA and Canada, the two biggest countries are as diverse as their landscapes.   

Not to forget the Caribbean islands- the Bahamas, Jamaica , Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago, which attract millions of tourists each year.Coral reefs, unspoilt beaches and world- class resorts define these laid-back towns and are a paradise for its tourists.

The climate varies throughout the North American continent. With USA and Canada having four distinct seasons and most other countries like Cuba and Mexico having two.Caribbean islands on the other hand, are year-round destinations.

The two biggest countries of the continent USA and Canada, both have diverse weather conditions. The eastern part of USA is considerably colder than the West Coast during Winters whereas in Canada the weather is extremely cold throughout the country.The best time to visit these countries is late spring (April to May) or early autumn (September to early October).   

The two seasons in Mexico and Panama are: dry and wet; the dry lasting from mid-December till mid-April and the rainy season lasting from May to November.Except for a few rainy spells during summers (May to November),the Caribbean nations enjoy warm weather all year long.

Given the vastness of the continent the easiest way to get around is by plane. In the US there are several low-cost airlines while in Canada you can fly with the domestic airlines and in Mexico use the large private national and regional carriers. The smaller countries including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Panama all have good domestic flight networks.

Taxis are always a reasonable option while visiting any city, but to really experience the country and explore isolated towns and villages renting a car gives you the freedom to do so, but bear in mind that apart from the US and Canada road conditions can be poor. If you’d rather save on transport, buses are the most cost effective way to get around.

  • The Grand Canyon in the US is a must visit, where the glass walkway can be used to inspect the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk at a distance of approximately 21 metres from the canyon’s rim.
  • Canada’s British Columbia is a must-go place for all the great outdoor lovers as it has beautiful snow covered summits, calm rivers and dense forests, not only that, it exotic villages will leave you awestruck.
  • In the Mexico’s Calakmul Biosphere Reserve on the Yucatán Peninsula you will find 1.8 million-acre lush jungle which covers the walled city of Calakmul that has the tallest pyramid in the Yucatán marvelously built.
  • Cuba has the Valle de los Ingenios which is scattered throughout the valley, the main attractions includes 12 sugar mills which runs from the 19th century, The Manaca lznaga estate, plantation with a dwelling house owned by Pedro Iznaga who is a notorious slave trafficker.  
  • Anyone visiting Jamaica specially Reggae fans must go to the Nine Mile Museum that is located in the Village of Nine Mile i.e. Bob Marley’s birth and resting place. The museum has all sorts of instruments including the Mt Zion Rock where Bob Marley learned to play the guitar.
  • Built in 1833, was known worldwide for the best coffee supplies, corn and citrus plantation on its island, a two-storey tall waterwheel that’s turned by water from the river, The Hacienda Beuna Vista in Puerto Rico’s colonial city Ponce is worth a visit.
  • The Trails leading to pine trees, mangrove swamps and large caves of the Lucayan National Park is one of a major attractions while visiting the Bahamas. So, take a break from the beach and visit Lucayan National Park.
  • At the Santa Rosa Sugar Refinery in Panama’s agricultural town, Aguadulce, you can have a closer look at sugarcane carefully transforming into refined sugar as a out product the best time to do so is during the grinding season i.e. from the middle of January until the middle of March.
  • In the Trinidad and Tobago’s Northern Range lies, The Asa Wright Nature Center, deep inside the rainforest that used to have cocoa and coffee plantation and is a home to a large number of native mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies as well as more than 2,200 species of flowering plants.
  • The Costa Rica’s Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal has a scenic drive past contrasting landscapes and coffee plantations, where you can hike across the lava fields of the active Arenal Volcano and take a sunset boat around the Laguna de Arenal.

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