Dubai is one of the most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates and has its own unique identity based on its highly advanced architecture, quickly moving nightlife and luxurious shopping places. This city has the ambiance that of a glamourous adult field, with its sparkling fierce skyline of skyscrapers along with a huge desert area where you can take a ride on the camel or have a never forgetting experience of desert safari. The country has marked great improvement in various terms in the recent years and Dubai is now truly a global city that acts as the business hub for the entire group of Middle eastern countries.

The city derives a large amount of its income from tourism and many of its iconic buildings, which has a charm and delight to it, were created with the idea to attract tourism viz. Burj Khalifa, a 160-storey skyscraper with an observation deck, being held the tallest building in the world. The city embodies the premium position in holding a great number of the old and modern worlds, by having an architectural masterpiece of the Burj Khalifa near to an enduring reminder of the ancient world, the Dubai museum at Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest building in the entire city. The city also has a reputation that of a shopper’s paradise and has many nightlife hangouts for everyone. Dubai has numerous shopping centres including The Mall which is a huge commercial and leisure complex and also Ibn Battuta Mall.

City based people like to shoot for the stars and achieve something that's seemingly impossible, a perfect example of such would be the otherwise bizarre combination of ‘winter sports’ and ‘deserts’, yet incredibly, ski Dubai, a mountain-themed attraction with its own snow, exists for those keen about the thrilling sports activities.

Dubai is full of events, events come here in two types i.e. extravagant, and even more extravagant. City relies on mesmerising fireworks when it’s time to celebrate any event, which you will find in their thousands of celebrations including their National Day that is celebrated on December 1 and also some of the most luxurious New Year’s Eve festivities which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Dubai is full of multiple attractions which will impress you while you are visiting Dubai. The trip whether for a week, or just is an overnight halt, you will find something for your very own schedule and as per your own interests.

There are multiple attractions to impress you while you visit Dubai some of them are:

The Dubai Fountain:

In the city of Dubai, a popular saying is ‘go big or go home’. The Fountain is one of the world’s largest choreographed fountain systems that was built on a 30-acre artificial Burj Khalifa Lake, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The fountain is over 900 feet long which is same as more than two football pitches and its features displays of the incredible sparkling water with a selection of various musical themes.

Ski Dubai:

One, probably can not associate Middle East with the snow, as these two terms doesn’t go hand in hand, and yet, at Ski Dubai, you will find large indoor ski resort with 22,500 square metres of indoor skiing. This amazingly beautiful attraction features an 85-metre tall indoor mountain that has 5 slopes in different degrees of steepness and difficulty. There is a 400-m long run which is the world’s first indoor black diamond run that makes use of various obstacles including boxes and rails that are changed regularly to keep the your experience thrilling and exciting.

Jumeirah Mosque:

Jumeirah Mosque is the most photographed mosque in the city, and is also one of the leading tourist attractions. Its very easy to get mesmerized by the beauty and luxuriousness of this mosque but it’s very important to remember that the general population are humble and deeply religious. Unlike many mosques, the Jumeirah Mosque opens its doors to the non-muslims as well and by the evening, it makes a extremely elegant outline against the dark sky which offers a fantastic photo opportunity to the visitors.


It’s a pleasant escape from the heat with the visitors being able to watch and interact with the marine mammals via live shows and gives an amazing opportunity to get beautiful pictures clicked in the comfort of indoor air-conditioning. There are five Black sea bottlenose dolphins and four Northern fur seals among many others which makes this place more exciting to visitors. Also, it’s very interesting to know that the marine mammals were brought here from a country within the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Ibn Battuta Mall:

Your trip won’t be complete in itself if you don’t get to visit this mall as it is one of the spectacular shopping complexes the city has. The Ibn Battuta Mall has more than 270 shops, excellent restaurants and many attractions to keep the entire family occupied. Whatever you wish to buy, be it anything, you will get here under one roof, be it clothing, jewellery, homewares or any electronic goods.

The city likes to wow its guests with memorable events all the time, in addition to its fabulous array of permanent attractions here are some of the other attractions and the best time visit them:

New Year's Eve Celebrations in December

Every year on New Year's Eve, the city of Dubai hosts some of the world's finest celebrations for example, In 2014 the city broke the world record for the biggest and longest firework display! Booooooooooom….  Isn’t that amazing!

The organisers of every such event make use of the distinctive buildings to provide the perfect backdrop for the extravagant firework display. So, be sure to plan well ahead to ensure you get a ticket for the festivities as it is during this time of the year, the city has seen a huge rush of visitors.

Shopping Festival in January

January, each year,  the city hosts the longest-running festival of this type with so many attractive bargain deals, celebrity appearances and show-stopping events to celebrate one of the most beloved activities in the Emirates, which is the retail therapy. At this festival you can enjoy the firework displays, also can pick up some unbeatable and unforgettable deals of your life and try your hand at one of the daily competitions or raffles which is backed by so many exciting  prizes, and if you are lucky you may win such prizes which includes cash and cars among other things.

Food Festival from February to March

If food and drinks are right up in your bloodstream, you could consider timing your visit to accordingly so that you may get to witness this most amazing Food Festival, which takes place every year between February and March. This is the only citywide food festival in the Middle East which offers a range of food-related attractions that is themed to celebrate the city's unique cuisine.

Tennis Championships that happens in between February & March

A relatively new, but nevertheless an exciting event on the tennis calendar for the Tennis fans out there, these championships bring together some of the world's best players on a common platform. The Dubai Open is held between February and March and is an excellent opportunity to see some familiar faces battle it out in the amazingly beautiful weather in a great spirit.

National Day Festival, in December

National Day Festival goes ahead on the second day of December each year and commemorates the Emirates gaining independence from Great Britain. Many of the top monuments and attractions mark the day with special events for the public each year.

Dubai has so much to offer to its visitors but what do you have to keep in mind? Check out the overview:

  • Geography: Dubai is part of the seven United Arab Emirates. It has an area of 4.114 square kilometers and has a population of 2.268.986. Approximately 85% of the population are expats.
  • Climate: Dubai has sub-tropical climate and it barely rains there. Temperature is on average 26˚C during the winter. Are you planning to go during the summer? The temperature could rise up to 40˚C.
  • Currency: The VAE dirham (AED).
  • Dress code: It is not recommended to wear revealing clothes as they can be seen as provoking. Bikinis and bathing suits are allowed in swimming pools and hotels only.
  • Exchange office:  The exchange offices are often available 24 hours a day and are located at the airports and shopping centres.
  • Car rental: Car rentals are possible only with an international driving license.
  • Required travel documents: The rules and regulations of travel documents and visa applications change frequently. There can also be other different requirements. Hence, it is highly advisable to keep a check on all such compliances well before you plan your trip.
  • Health: Information about the (mandatory) vaccinations may change constantly therefore, please check the provisions before you plan your trip to Dubai.

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