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Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Founded in 1985 by the Dubai royal family,it has expanded greatly both in size as well as popularity.It has over 200 aircrafts and is immensely popular for its excellent customer service. In 2016, it won the award of World’s Best Airline and is very popular with the social media generation.It is the first airline to reach one million followers on Instagram owing to its innovative advertising campaigns. It now offers flights to more than 150 destinations worldwide.If you’re planning either a business trip or a holiday trip,you’ll find a plethora of options at Emirates to choose for your flight. You’ll need to carry a valid ID, usually your passport to the airport while travelling through Emirates and if the country where you’re travelling to requires an access visa,it needs to be arranged beforehand on your own.

Emirates offers three different travel classes. For the travellers on a budget , Economy Class is the best option,next in order is the Business Class and for those who need ultimate luxury can book a seat for the First Class (here you can enjoy a hot shower on board).

The airlines offer a variety of ways for check-in: you can either conveniently check-in online on your computer or phones, or can traditionally head to a check-in counter at the airport.

Book your tickets with Emirates and enjoy your journey at the best bargain to various destinations. Some of the best deals are listed here.

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